THE CENTER OF OUR WORLD IS OUR HOME- the place we spend our time, with OUR people. To tell the story of rusted fence, one first has to understand where we started. The roots of our company are firmly entrenched in family and close friends. Holidays, birthdays, graduations...events that we all have in common.  Saturday football in the South and wedding rehearsal dinners- all part of what we have done and who we are.  rusted fence is where our design meets YOUR style, an image that exudes personality, taste, and soul...

WE ALSO KNOW HOME ISN'T A STAGNANT PLACE- home is fluid and has a heartbeat of it's own- it's physical being should mirror that change. Home is our sanctuary, our refuge...it grounds us- no matter what our day has brought to bear. This is the place we want to bring you back to. Good company is paramount to these good times, setting the table, setting the mood, setting the stage for the adventure to come, is equally important. Entertaining doesn't have to be stodgy...comfort in your world is key to having happy guests.

OUR GOAL IS TO GIVE YOU AFFORDABLE OPTIONS... we want to provide eclectic design choices with a flair for simplicity and great attention to detail- whether a group of 20 for a weekend BBQ or family dinner for 4 around the kitchen table.  Be fearless, be comfortable- we will change the face of how decor is done. Uncertainty in design is our canvas- we will walk you through and create together. Indoors or out, we want to provide you access to every item that makes your decor ideas become reality.  Welcome to our home, our world, our ideas.  SIMPLE. INSPIRED. STYLE.