Repurposed pallets with candles and flowers on arranged on a deck

Reinvigorated wood decor items, rf Originals is where our customers are shown unique repurposed items and original creations. Dilapidated farm buildings, reclaimed lumber from demolition projects, or acquisition of premium-grade wood earmarked for destruction, rusted fence believes in maximizing Earth's resources. In addition to repurposing wood products, rusted fence is also committed to recycling day-to-day shipping materials.  Our goal is to maximize the life of every box, carton, and filler. To that end, rusted fence will purchase, collect, and recycle cardboard boxes, committed to their reuse.


rf Original White Oak

February, 2018- Current Supply

In 1995, a local farmer named Victor cleared a piece of his 25-acre farm in Watkinsville, GA to create a space to build his home. Every tree from this clearing was used to build his 4,900 square foot house and workshop. Rough-cut white oak was ripped on-site from trees felled by Victor, and cut into true 1" lumber to frame the walls and roof.  What remained of this unbelievable supply of white oak is now owned by rusted fence, for our next rf Originals project. Procured in 20-foot lengths, each board was rough-sawn into 1-1/4" thick boards, creating dried thickness of between 15/16" to 1-1/8". Each board has been carefully ripped into 2-1/2" wide planks. From these we are creating oak decorative ladders that are unparalleled in the current marketplace.

To All Good Things, There Must Be an End...

Because of the limited supply of rf Originals items, all quantities will have real time updates.  These items are one of a kind, hand-made and final sale.  In some cases, color samples may be available, but not guaranteed for all pieces. Purchase options and details are available on our SHOP page. Please ask all questions prior to ordering our rf Original products. In addition, 5% of all rf Original purchases will be donated to The National Forest Foundation.  This will ensure continued planting and care of our 193 million-acres of National Forests and Grasslands.